Want to make some coin for yourself or your Footbag club? 

I'm looking for someone to start selling to retail stores as a wholesale agent.  You make the sale - you make the comission on that, and all future orders you fill for that store.

Here's how I got started;

   Before I got into hackin', I was into Disc Sports big time. (Frisbee)  I bought some really good discs, that weren't available in the stores in the area that I lived (Victoria BC), and would carry them around with me.  When I saw people playing disc, I would offer to let them play with one of mine - knowing full well that it was a better disc than what they were using.  It made the experience of playing Frisbee easier and more fun for them.  When they were finished and gave it back, they would usually ask where I got it.  Nine times out of ten, I made a sale right then and there on the spot.  If they didn't ask where I got it, I would ask them if they liked it, and mention that I sold them.  If they didn't have any money on them to buy one, I would slip them a card, offer to trade phone #'s with them, and contact them later.   Before I knew it, I was making enough money to afford to travel to different disc tournaments, music festivals, outdoor events, etc., and sell even more product.   

That all changed the moment I saw Footbag Net being played at Kits Beach in Vancouver.  I had already been hackin' for 5 years, but fell instantly in love with Footbag Net.  I immediately blew off all the disc sports I was playing and became completely infatuated with Footbag. (I am not an extremist!)

I then used those same principles that I had learned with disc and started designing, manufacturing, and selling my own Footbags. That was over 30 years ago, and I've been doing it ever since. Making a living doing what I love to do."  

You can too! 

Scott Milne
Canadian Footbag Alliance

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