These Footbags are designed to make you look like a kicking machine.  Stuffed to the perfect size and weight with my new Hybrid filling to give you the perfect pop and the desired delay-ability.  Some designs offer a sand or a pellet filled option as well.  Colours shown may not be like what you receive depending on availability.

The FourPlay – 4 panel freestyle footbag (hacky sack)

Add some romance to your game with the FOURPLAY 4-panel. This sweet number is a perfect introduction for the beginning player to enter into the awesome Sport of Footbag.

Habit – 12 panel footbag

Footbag is addictive and as soon as you kick this HABIT you’ll be on your way to stylin’ like the pros. This 12-panel is ideal for circle play and a choice freestyle footbag. Indulge yourself with a HABIT that’s fun to kick! Pellet filled.
The Habit is hand stitched and extremely soft and subtle for easy delay-ability. Tricks and delays come easily with this Footbag made of thin, yet extremely strong, synthetic suede and stuffed to the perfect weight.

Customers have said: “I never realized how much easier and more fun it would be to play this game with a top quality hack”.

Kanga 32 panel handmade Footbag.  Your choice of sand or pellet filling.

Quality hand-stitched, and designed by me, this beauty has proven itself over the years to be a worthy contender among multi-panel footbags. It’s versatile, 32-panel design makes it the most popular with freestylers.

Treat your feet, kick a KANGA