Are you looking for hundreds or thousands of custom made Footbags with your logo on them?  

I can do it!

Professional hand stitched quality Footbags.
Quick turn around time
and low low prices.

Quality silkscreening of your logo or promotional message can be done with any of our Footbag designs. Corporate promotional campaigns, clubs, sports teams, weddings, bar mitzvahs, schools, or any special event you have.  Let me know what you need and I'll get it done.

Footbag Canada has provided this unique service
to many dozens of
clients over the years.  

A Footbag with your company name and logo on it is a great way to advertise.  Give it to your clients or use it as a prize and they'll kick it, squish it, throw it and generally have a lot of fun with it. Then they'll show it to other people and they'll play with it too. Each time providing a lasting memory of your name in their minds.

Here's a couple things to think about when selecting your Footbags:

  1. The more panels on the footbag the more expensive it is to make.
  2. Also, the less panels the bigger and more visible your logo or message will be.

I always recommend one of my 3 designs:  Pictures are below.
The Fourplay - 4 panel Footbag 
The Habit - 12 panel Footbag - 'Cause you have to Kick the Habit!
The Kanga - 32 panel Footbag

All 3 are my own personal designs, stuffed to the perfect weight, very kickable, handmade with synthetic, washable materials and fully guaranteed.

Made by a World Champion for World Champions.

Custom orders are taken personally so please drop me an email with your questions.

Lot of 100 – 4 panel panel footbags  WITH YOUR LOGO ON THEM

Choose your own colours and sand or pellet filling.

The FourPlay – 4 panel freestyle footbag hacky sack. Add some romance to your game with the FOURPLAY 4-panel. This sweet number is a perfect introduction for the beginning player to enter into the awesome Sport of Footbag.

Lot of 100 Habit 12 panel Footbags WITH YOUR LOGO

Choose your own colours and sand or pellet filling.

Footbag is addictive and as soon as you kick this HABIT you’ll be on your way to stylin’ like the pros. This 12-panel is ideal for circle play and a choice freestyle footbag. Indulge yourself with a HABIT that’s fun to kick! 
The Habit is hand stitched and extremely soft and subtle for easy delay-ability. Tricks and delays come easily with this Footbag made of thin, yet extremely strong, synthetic suede and stuffed to the perfect weight.

Customers have said: “I never realized how much easier and more fun it would be to play this game with a top quality hack”.

Lot of 100 Kanga 32 panel Footbags WITH YOUR LOGO.

Choose your own colours and sand or pellet filling.

Quality hand-stitched, and designed by me, this beauty has proven itself over the years to be a worthy contender among multi-panel footbags. It’s versatile, 32-panel design makes it the most popular with freestylers.

Treat your feet, kick a KANGA!