The Canadian Footbag Alliance is Canada’s connection to the sport of Footbag (AKA Hacky Sack) 

I saw my first hack at Willows Beach in Victoria in 1981. Tim Macdonald and Robert(?) and Scott Lewis were disc freestyle competitors who also kicked. It was a three panel ‘Royal Kicker’. I was hooked, five years later I managed to track down the maker of the Royal Kicker in Vancouver. I pestered Jim Anderson for months until he finally taught me how to make one. It didn’t take long to start making a little cash at it. Eventually I moved over to Vancouver and found out where the guys were playing Hack over the net. I became totally addicted to Footbag Net, moved into the same neighbourhood, dropped everything else I ever did, and only played Footbag for the next 20 years. My first Worlds were in ’88 in Colorado. I did up to 16 tournaments a year for about 16 years. Over 1400 school assemblies for the WFA and the Canadian Footbag Alliance. Bought the Kanga design from Dave Robinson in the early 90’s, and designed a bunch of other Footbags that we still make and sell today.  At worlds I’ve had a couple second and third place finishes in mixed doubles net, doubles net, and team Freestyle, and a world title at distance one pass. Founding member of the Kits Kickers. I could go on and on about all the great people I’ve met that can now call friends all because of the Fantastic Sport of Footbag. People like the Welch’s, McDaniel’s, Monte’s, Simon’s, Lewis’s, Bouchard’s, Shultz’s, Georges, Hughes,  so many who put me up over the years, picked me up at the airport, fed me, beered me, etc. So many not listed here but I thank you all!
Long live the Hack!
Bust a lace,
Scott Milne